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My First Ironman Journey

I don’t even know where to start this blog.  I can go back 4 years ago when I first started triathlon, not even interested in doing that type of distance.  I thought it was crazy, “No [...]

Im so angry today!!!

So today was a really crazy day. Right now my forehead has 2 big creases in between my eye brows from being angry. I have been through so much in my life. I have nothing-absolutely nothing to be [...]

Why me? #9

I was a week past my due date, I got off late from work that night. Co-workers thought I was crazy for working past my due date. Keone just didn’t want to come out. I was used to being [...]

Why me? #8

We brought Kaila home that week. Her broviac catheder needed to be flushed twice daily with heparin and saline to keep the line open until her next check up to assure she was gaining weight on [...]

Why me? Part 7

After 2 days in the PICU, the TPN was the miracle that saved her. She began to get color back, she was gaining weight and each day was just another step closer. I couldn’t stay overnight in [...]

Why me? Part 6

I was guided again to pre-op. This time it was almost 10pm. There was an uncomfortable but necessary rush to get Kaila prepped. I gasped when I realized, Kaila was starting to feel cold, she [...]

Why me? Part 5

It was getting late, I was paging Kaila’s father to let him know we were headed to surgery. No response. I called home, they heard nothing. Dr. Downey entered, already dressed in scrubs. He [...]

Why me? Part 4

I started sleeping pretty much with one eye open. She was too little and weak to awaken her feeding instinct. Weight gain was key to keep her home. My clothes were becoming loser again, the [...]

Why me? Part 3

I placed Kaila gently in her bassinet and the nurse rolled her away into a room that resembles nothing like heaven only its bright white lights and linens. Again, Kaila wasn’t with me. [...]

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