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Bike shorts by Alii Lifestyle (Active Angelz)

I know it’s been a while since I have written anything, but I am no stranger to Social Media. If you know us, we post things that are real, family, food, successes, tragedies, positivity and we share our opinions occasionally.

Triathlon season will soon be starting here at the end of June with our fist Sprint/International Triathlon. Back in October, Luana, our Founder, was selected to be a Brand Ambassador for a women-specific clothing line called, Active Angelz. Being pretty new to the scene, the line has grown so much in the last 12 months. New website, new clothing options, new Triathlon Team etc. Here is Luana’s close up review of the line.

Because I represent the team and also assist the CEO, Andi Neugarten, with her Social Media, I do get to try the clothes firsthand. If you know me, I am simple- but not when it comes to Triathlon. Things have to fit right, feel right, and perform better than yourself. I know, I know, I represent and work for the company, but I wouldn’t write a review or be on a team if I didn’t believe in the product. Before meeting Andi, I knew some girlfriends from the triathlon scene who started wearing her clothes and were racing in them. They said they loved it. These were girls I trusted, they also recommend I apply for the Team, so I did… and waited on pins and needles.

Because what I know of Andi now, she is a giving person and works hours on end, as well as trains on end, with herself being a 70.3 World Championship Qualifier, she is no rookie to the multisport scene. I was so excited when I got on the team, then an opputrunity arose where she needed my help with Social Media. I happily accepted and off we went. Since then I have tried probably every piece of clothing in her spring line. In comparison with others, and believe me, I have tried EVERY brand you can think of.

Bike shorts: ok, I have to start here! I ripped the tags off and off on a 2 hour bike and 2 mile run I went. They felt so comfortable, dried well, didnt chafe, didn’t rise, no muffin top issues that I usually have with other shorts. I have tried many, to name my top 2 bike shorts currently, so that you know I am not being biased: Specialized and Bontrager (both women-specific). For the Specialized I have the top of the line bike capris. They perform well, however, the fit is awkward and has a drawchord that is really tight on the waist and hard for me to get over my big hips.

Bontrager: these also perform in comparison with the Active Angelz short, and cushioning is similar but the leg is cut a bit longer. So in longer shorts I feel like I have Thunder Thighs.

Not the case with Active Angelz. Although it does come in a longer length, the shorter length is perfect for me! The flat waste band was extremly comfortable and didnt give my waste a red line around my waist like others might after a 3 hour ride. Because I was in a hurry to get my brick in, I also immediately ran in them off the bike, and it was amazing! Compression held me in all the right places.

I paired my shorts with her cap sleeve bike jersey with side ruching. I always have issues with shirts riding up, muffin popping out etc. Again, it was a miracle! I wasn’t goofing around with my clothing! Didn’t feel “crotch” heavy during the run at all either. It was the most effortless workout when you aren’t fumbling and fidgeting because you are self conscious you are going have a wardrobe malfunction.

I kept telling my friend “Oh my gosh these shorts….oh my this top….ugh amazing!” During the run, I felt on top of the world even though my body hurt, because there was comfort, performance, and less time spent adjusting my clothing. Hahah LIGHT BULB, so is that what this feels like? To have clothing that is worry free?? I swear by it now.

I am so excited where the line is going, triathlon, yoga, running, swimming, cycling, gym, lounge, dresses, skirts, and more. It really is a line that I relate to and feel so blessed to be a part of. The quality is just as good, but now I think even better than….well, lets just say- the “L” word. You ladies KNOW what line I am talking about. So in response to quality, her pants DO NOT PILL! So if you haven’t tried her line, you are missing out, or you will be hearing more about her line very soon in the near future.

Until then, keep active and inspire others!! You can shop for Alii Lifestyle here: Alii by Active Angelz







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