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I was inspired by a recent read from pro Triathlete Jessie Thomas in juggling Triathlon-Life.

Well, not only do I myself do triathlons, but my husband partakes in the madness also. Not only do we have children but a special needs daughter as well! OH and 2 dogs. See what I am saying?

Before leaving my banking job in 2004, I had just became pregnant with my 3rd. I was blessed to even be able to do that first of all. If you read my previous blogs of being a single mother you would know that I never took that for granted.

I decided to get my real estate license and have a more flexible schedule while still providing income for my family. Truth be told I found it strangley weird that the exam was like second nature to me.

During this whole process at home I was dealing with Kaila’s sleeping habits becoming crazy, buying a video monitor to keep an eye on her, doctor appointments, researching supplements, changing diets etc. Getting Keone to and from dance classes in Old Town which were from 8pm to midnight. Then getting Kaila on the bus, him to school while he barely brushed his teeth most mornings. Did I mention I was breast feeding still??

It had been 3 years since my last marathon. I started to get an itch again. Before the baby, I would take spin class during my lunch at work and was hooked. Realizing the difficulty of real estate start up, I decided to become certified and started teaching right away at 24 hour fitness. A new LA fitness opened up by our house and I also started teaching there. I built up regulars and my classes were packed so it was exciting and something I loved.

After 5 years of real estate burn out, the market crashed and so did I. The so called flexible schedule started taking over my life and my spirit. I did move up to a General Manager position of the office I worked for. Kudos for me, but I despised the business and its money hungry ways. Flaky agents who messed things up and me having to pull them out, constantly babysitting agents wasn’t an ideal job. Poor ownership drove me out, but I never gave up my spin classes.

Right before I left real estate, then came baby number 4! I still finished out my remaining real estate transactions at home, and continued teaching until I was 8 months pregnant. When in the hospital preparing to have the baby, there I was on my blackberry getting confirmation for my last real estate deal. Done, just wanted to be done!

I decided to pursue teaching classes full time or so-called full time because being a “stay-at-home” mom is full time. I was able to take the kids to work with me and I was in and out in an hour. Then, I purchased my first road bike to broaden my knowledge of indoor cycling.

My sister had approached my brother and I about doing the Malibu Triathlon together. She worked for the Wynn in Las Vegas and they were sponsoring the race that year. Not knowing where to start, I googled Triathlon Training San Diego and up popped the Tri Club San Diego. Front page mentioned Team Solana and how a beginner can join this team within the club. Perfect!

It was during my first season, and I learned a lot about how much physical work goes into all 3 disciplines. I also learned all the juggling in my past gave me the mental capacity to multi-task. When you are a newbie, its very easy to overtrain and undertrain. I learned everyone can do anything, its the mental state that youre in that drives you.

I hear a lot of excuses as a trainer. It does drive me crazy. But to change someones thinking they have to be intrinsically motivated or have experienced something in their life to trigger that inner strength. You have to mentally stop making excuses or quiet the voices that talk you out of it. For me everything leads back to my conversations with God. A lot of people call it prayer, “Thank you for our food, thank your for our health, thank you for mommy and daddy” (quoted from my daughter).

As for me I can close this out with this:
When you hear your gut telling you something, its not your gut, its God.

When you talk to Him like a real person and not a medicine cabinet, He becomes real.

When you stop making excuses, for example: “I can’t train because I work 12 hours”

You can always figure a solution: You can mathematically figure, there are 24 hours in a day, you sleep 8, you work 12, commute and eat for 1-2 hours, Sweet!!!! There’s still 2 hours to train or workout!

And lastly, there’s no “I” in team. I could have never done the things I do without God, my husband, and my kids beside me. I am forever thankful.


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