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I was inspired by a recent read from pro Triathlete Jessie Thomas in juggling Triathlon-Life. Well, not only do I myself do triathlons, but my husband partakes in the madness also. Not only do we [...]

Why me Part 2

It’s really hard for me to describe the feelings that day. Pain emotionally and physically that were undeniably from somewhere that I never knew I could go or ever wanted to go. My heart [...]

Why me? Part 1

I wrote the story below to help our followers understand the Inspiration for some of our Projects. But also to inspire others with situations to do big things! Triathlons are what we do now, but [...]

The benefit of a dysfunctional family…

For years, I could argue the fact that my family was as middle class and as normal as they come.  We celebrated Christmas together, went on surprise trips to Disneyland, traveled across the [...]

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