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Summing up the crazies!

So this will be my 3rd and final half marathon this year, this will also be the flattest.  Why do I sign up for these things?  People think I am crazy because they always see me racing.  Truth of the matter is…I know a lot more crazier people than myself.  Not that I strive to collect medals or pack in all these races just to feel confident about myself.  There is a method to my madness.  We all know that as a triathlete, we constantly keep active.  Almost like we can’t sit still.  Always wanting to improve, but allowing your self some time off in the off season to recoup.  I specifically planned my race season to keep me motivated and going during the off season and work on my weaknesses, which is I always feel is my run.  My husband is all excited about us doing our first 70.3 distance race, which if you don’t know is Half the distance of a Full Ironman.  He is so excited he even created a binder, printed out the schedule and put hand written schedules, notes etc.  I kind of giggled, but to each his own.  Whatever motivates you!

If you are like me, I get jumbled in my head if there is too much to remember, too many tasks to do in one day.  I have to space it out! There is nothing worse than a day where you don’t allow yourself to just sit and have a meal or just 10-15 minutes to sit and be still. As a mom, a wife, a triathlete, a fitness instructor, and now an entrepreneur….I get crazies!  Crazies meaning….overwhelmed where I can’t think straight.  I used to be a lot less cloudy in my head but that all went out the window when you are training 3 disciplines and juggling 3 kids, at 3 different ages, 3 different schools, getting out at 3 different times, 3 different diets, 3 different temperaments….you get my drift!

You may be thinking, no wonder she is a triathlete…yes, working out is an outlet for sure!  But it’s something I enjoy doing, and I know I am doing something for me, which in turn reflects in happiness within my home.  So somewhere in my madness, there is a peace there. So I do actually take the time to plan out a race season, but my family comes first!  During my first season as a triathlete, being a fitness instructor, I used to teach 7-10 classes a week, while training for a triathlon in my “spare” time.  I wanted to really experience everything I could get out of this.  In turn I actually made myself sick all the time, injured my calf, not to mention was pretty cranky at times.  I finally found balance. I cut back on my classes, changed my diet, learned to say no to things at work, and know it’s ok to take a step back.  So moving forward, I told myself it was time to ramp it up this year with doing only Olympic Distance , and only 1 sprint.  I also wanted to do 3 half marathons spread out with at least 2 months of recovery in between during the off season.

Then came Light Endurance.  I realized that I wanted to really do EVEN more!  Ok, here we go crazies!!! So even though I really do try to give back in teaching classes, give back to my kids by being available, and giving to myself in fitness and diet, I realized when one of my long time best friends was diagnosed with cancer, I felt numb!  Funny thing is, I already had the logo for Light Endurance, and an idea.  An idea that I was still recreating a business plan of how to do good in the world with what God gave me.  I had a minimal budget, minimal time.  But we all know, where there is a will there is a way.  I discovered also during triathlon, to stop making excuses.  Being around these other crazies, or other triathletes, I was dumbfounded at the ‘no excuses’ attitude…which by the way I had already possessed…but needed to tap into a little bit more to get Light Endurance off the ground. Emotionally now I was attached.  Attached to my friend, and attached to the cause.  Next was finding how to make it all work.

I know day by day, I get more and more ideas, closer and closer to getting my website up, and deeper and deeper into the business aspect of running an organization. I always stress a lot about how to make it work and make it work perfectly as I have envisioned, again giving myself the crazies. But I found it just made me sick, literally with acid reflux and IBS, now I am back to eating cleaner again, and learning to take “ME” time. That’s a whole other blog in itself.  With that said, I have to tell my crazies to go away, and keep moving forward because it’s a waste of time.  It’s a huge waste of valuable time that my friend or your friend doesn’t have while battling cancer.

So with that said, please share your “me” time favorites, share your ups and downs, or even share entrepreneur insights on how to build a social media empire, fundraise, or just collaborate and change the world one blog at a time!

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