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Truth of the story…..

This past year I have been laying my life out there in my blog. Some will like it. Some may not. I chose to write….well, let’s say I was inspired to write. Not for others really, but I just had a story to tell, and because I believe God was so influential to me that I wanted to ackowledge that. So what if people get offended if i use the word God. Or if I quote bible scriptures. Truth of the story, is very much real whether you like it or not.

Lets talk about being offended for a minute… I don’t get offended by gay marriage. In fact, my brother in law is gay. My dear friend is gay. I have been to gay bars in support of them. Although it wasn’t for me, I wanted to be open and accepting. After all, Jesus didn’t hang out with kings and queens, tax collectors or the wealthy. He followed people who needed him. God sees sin as sin, gay or straight we all sin, we are all equal in his eyes.

I do get offended when people don’t pay attention to their kids, I get offended when people trash other people, not even so much me but other innocent people. I get offended when people judge other people, when someone lacks sympathy, respect and love for others.

I love it when even I catch myself and have to ask God for forgiveness. I love the fact that I can say sorry, because for some it is really difficult. I also love when I can teach our kids something of value and I see it flourish in them.

Most of all, I love it when God lines up a valuable lesson, a situation that is inevitable and undeniably His doing.

For instance, I had to take my son to a birthday party at Nickel City. I gave him $5 for extra nickels. After dropping him off, we were exiting the shopping center and at the corner was a woman with her 2 children. A girl the same age as mine, and a son the same age as my son. Her sign said “Lost my job-please help” I rolled down my window and grabbed the remaining $3 from my wallet, wishing I still had the $5 that I gave to Kai. “I am so sorry about your job, God bless you”. Her starlit eyes broke my heart, and I also knew it was 50 degrees out. Which never happens in San Diego. “Thank you soo much, God bless you” she replied. Guilt set in as just the day before I was a wreck from a crazy day I had. Here she was out in the cold asking strangers for money, while I am in my warm house complaining about nonsense.

I have been judged for doing this act of kindness. I have even grown up with my parents calling these people on the streets “drug addicts” “drunks” and the like. But I am different. I think with a pure heart.

I had to go back later to pick up Kai from Nickel City and bring his basketball clothes, meet my husband and play tag team. I drove a different route from the shopping center as I needed to get gas. At the light there was another man with a sign “Family Needs help.” He made eye contact with me and I felt badly. My walket was empty. Shoot! I gave $5 to Kai, and the remaining $3 to the mother and her children.

The light turned green and I drove to the gas station across the street. God was tugging at me. I was contemplating going to the bank, until low and behold…I pulled up to the pump, and got out of my car- there on the ground was a $5 bill!!! Woah!!! I pumped gas, and pulled out. I knew I had to give this $5 back. I crossed through the intersection hoping no one would follow behind me so I can stop, I hope the other man I saw was still there!! He was. I pulled up, rolled down my window, “Here you go, God bless and Merry Christmas!” I think he recognized me and gave a big smile, He spoke so sweetly and said, “Hey thank you so much, Happy Holi…I mean Merry Christmas and God bless you too!” And that was it. Kaui was in the back and she said “He was so nice mommy, he said God Bless you”
“Awe Kaui, he was very nice wasn’t he?” “Yeah mommy everybody needs to say God bless you and Merry Christmas”. Yes! One parental goal accomplished!

When I finally got to my destination, I waited for my husband in the car for a few minutes and checked my instagram. Nelson Mandela’s recent death has poured in numerous quotes and inspirational sayings by this man. One that stuck out immediately, confirmed that it was no mistake. The quote read “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man made and can be removed by the actions of human beings”. His death made me sad, I never knew this man before. Somehow now gone, his impact remains and rings loudly more than ever. So thanks Nelson Mandela for the insight, thank you God for confirming I needed to give back as it doesn’t belong to me. May you always say God Bless you, even to strangers. Don’t be afraid you will offend someone by using the word God or say Merry Christmas. Don’t let society dictate what should be said and not said, given or not given. True story!

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